How does “International Tourism Island” say goodbye to inferior services?

[May Point Network] In recent years, the state has successively approved 12 regional plans, including the West Coast Economic Zone, with layouts in the east, central and western regions. The purpose is to promote regional coordinated development and promote stable and rapid economic growth...

[May Point Network] In recent years, the state has successively approved 12 regional plans, including the West Coast Economic Zone, with layouts in the east, central and western regions. The purpose is to promote coordinated regional development and promote steady and rapid economic growth. Among them, the approval of “Hainan International Tourism Island” is particularly eye-catching. However, Hainan Tourism, which just won this “gold medal”, suffered bad reviews during the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival of 2010: the sky-high price, the smuggling phenomenon, the chaotic management, and so on. At the National People's Congress this year, Hailiu Provincial Party Secretary Wei Liucheng faced the many media “following and intercepting”. The most widely said sentence is “Hainan International Tourism Island is still in its infancy, and invites society and the media to be more inclusive. Open and caring attitude to Hainan.” Can Hainan become a veritable “international tourist island”? Can it carry the new expectations of the country’s rising tourism? Hainan’s answer to these questions will undoubtedly become a mirror of China’s regional economic development. .

The bad reviews, Hainan tourism is "abandoned"?

“The prices of hotels in Sanya during the Spring Festival are too expensive, as high as 10,000 to 20,000 yuan per night. You can go to Xinmatai for a night in Sanya.” During the Spring Festival this year, Hainan Sanya Hotel’s “high price” The house made some tourists discouraged and moved to Shenzhen and other places.

Zhang Huifa, president of the Haikou Hotel Association, said that due to the high expectations of the public opinion before the festival, the comprehensive quotation of tourism was too high, and some travel agency real estate speculation, which led to the temporary change of travel to the tourists who planned to go to Hainan, the number of tour groups in Hainan declined.

Just as many tourists are blocked by the “high-priced hotel rooms” outside the island, tourists from Hainan generally feel “not worthwhile” after playing, and there is still a big gap with the “international tourist island”.

“Haikou has many high-quality tourism resources, but many attractions have a poor soft environment for tourism services. The overall feeling is that the grade is too low.” During the Spring Festival, Jiang Fanyu, a cultural relic worker from Beijing, visited his several historical and cultural attractions in Haikou with his girlfriend. Afterwards, sorry to say.

Sohu netizen "cafe" believes that Hainan's tourism products are of low grade and lack of cultural connotation. Visitors come to Hainan to enjoy the sunshine, the waves and the beach, and there is no richer tourism project to participate in, even if it is not satisfactory.

Sina netizen "Tanya" believes that the phenomenon of "deception and slaughtering" in Hainan's tourism industry is relatively serious. The "deception of passengers and smugglers" economy has even formed a complete industrial chain. Tourism is slaughtered by tourists and eaten by the restaurant. Going out to be slaughtered by a taxi, even if you buy a fruit, you will lose more than two.

"Not long ago, several well-known media conducted overseas opinion polls on international tourist islands, saying that there are three factors affecting the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island: the attitude of car passenger service is about 27%, and the quality of personnel needs to be improved. %, the hardware of the international tourism island construction has not kept up, and it also accounts for 16%.” Luo Baoming, the governor of Hainan Province, bluntly stated at the two national conferences this year, “Stay quietly, Hainan’s hardware construction needs to be developed, but Hainan’s software construction Soft power construction is even more urgent."

“International Tourism Island” brings “Hainan fever”, and all parties are not prepared enough

Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Committee said in the report of the Spring Festival Golden Week this year, "The main problem in the Spring Festival Golden Week tourism market in our province is that the supply of tourism products and services lags behind the growing tourist demand of tourists. Due to the continuous growth and market of tourists The immature development of the mechanism has caused abnormal fluctuations in housing prices in key tourist resorts in the province. The services provided by tourism enterprises are lower than the tourists' expectations for the construction of international tourist islands. In addition, the tourism market has a disturbance of individual black sheep, which has affected the province to some extent. Tourist image."

"Hainan fever" reflects not only the superficial "crazy", but also the unprecedented expectations and confidence of the society and the masses on Hainan's development. Zhang Weiqing, director of the National Committee of the CPPCC Population Resources and Environment Committee, said that Hainan's construction of an international tourist island is something that everyone highly recognizes and recognizes. It is the hope of the people of the whole country, indicating that the Chinese people are indeed rich, and quite a few people expect a leisurely and healthy life. .

In the industrial layout of China's economy, Hainan has been pushed to the forefront of China's tourism reform and development, and will be built into the future "China's tourism reform and innovation pilot zone" and "world-class island leisure holiday destination" . "Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Construction and Development of Hainan International Tourism Island" clearly requires Hainan. By 2020, tourism service facilities, management and service levels will be fully integrated with internationally accepted tourism service standards, and a world-class island leisure holiday tourism will be initially established. Resort.

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