Many places will enjoy the Expo Tourism Industry Cake

[May Point Network] The world-famous Shanghai World Expo will be held soon, and tourism will become the most direct beneficiary. This judgment is based on two aspects of data --- one is the 70 million visitors to the Expo...

[May Point Network] The world-famous Shanghai World Expo will be held soon, and tourism will become the most direct beneficiary. This judgment is based on two aspects of data --

First, if the target of 70 million visitors to the Expo will be successfully realized, this will be the largest number of visitors in the history of the Expo, and it will set a new record for the development of China's tourism industry;

The second is the industrial characteristics of low tourism resources, large driving factors, many employment opportunities and comprehensive benefits. Visitors to the Expo will bring benefits to 13 related industries such as hotels, restaurants, transportation and communications. For every 1 yuan increase in tourism revenue, the relevant industries will increase revenue by about 4.3 yuan.

In fact, the impact of the World Expo on tourism is not only reflected in the holding period, but also in the promotion role before the event and the follow-up effect after the event. It not only brings huge economic benefits to the development of tourism, but also more important. It will promote a new batch of tourism, foster and expand new tourism markets, and improve the overall service level of the tourism industry. Under the background of accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and vigorously developing modern service industry, the World Expo just provides such a strategic opportunity.


In the international tourism industry, there is a consensus: taking international events as an important carrier of tourism development in a country or a region, and bringing a large number of tourists in a short period of time, this will effectively promote the development and promotion of tourism in the country or region.

In the history of the development of the World Expo for more than 100 years, this effect is particularly prominent. In particular, the host city of the World Expo has also ushered in a rare opportunity for development while becoming the focus of global attention.

It may be worthwhile to review the data of visitors to previous World Expos: 19,000 visitors to the San Francisco World Expo in 1915; the 1933 Chicago World Expo attracted 38.87 million visitors; and the 1970 Osaka World Expo created the highest record of 64.22 million visitors in the history of the Expo, including Japan. The audience reached 62 million.

This historical record is expected to be refreshed by the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The 70 million passengers undoubtedly injected a strong impetus into the development of tourism in the post-international financial crisis. Shanghai tourism, which provides a series of services such as food, accommodation, travel, tourism, shopping and entertainment for these 70 million tourists, is a golden opportunity not to be missed.

In the process of docking the Expo, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places around Shanghai will also share the feast of “World Expo Tourism”. According to the World Tourism Organization, during the World Expo, 95% of foreign visitors will have accommodation needs, and 38% of passengers will continue to stay in the Yangtze River Delta region, which will give scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, transportation and even leisure around the Yangtze River Delta region. The place brings direct economic benefits.

In addition, Shandong, Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan and other provinces and autonomous regions have all aimed at the Expo business opportunities, and began to plan the World Expo tourism docking early. In response to the “Second Tourism” among Expo visitors, 10 tourism companies in Guiyang and Shanghai 20 tourism companies signed the Expo Tourism Cooperation Project respectively, and jointly launched the “2010 Changyou Guiyang Experience Tour” in Shanghai; relying on unique location advantages and excellence The coastal eco-tourism resources, Shandong Rizhao launched the six major tourism products with the theme of “Viewing the World Expo, Visiting Shandong, and Rizhao”...

At present, a series of tourism activities around the theme of the Expo are continuing to heat up, and the boom of Expo tourism around the world is also constantly surging. A huge Expo tourism economy is now in its infancy.


At the time when the Expo tourism began, the test of Shanghai and even the national tourism public service capacity was also launched.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to organize the World Expo, Shanghai and even the relevant cities in the Yangtze River Delta region have continuously improved the basic conditions and hardware level of the local tourism industry. At the same time, through the active participation of Expo tourism, the localities have continuously improved the soft power of the overall development of the tourism industry. In a sense, Expo tourism has revitalized tourism resources scattered throughout the country, improved the quality of tourism products, and expanded the space for tourism transformation and development.

As the World Expo approaches, careful visitors will find a number of innovative and unique travel advisory service centers in the densely populated areas of Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport New Transportation Hub Station, Bund Chen Yi Plaza and Pudong Bailianyu Distribution Center. The original tourism consulting service center has also been renovated and expanded, and has set up a tourism exhibition and promotion center and a tourist souvenir display center. The purpose is to provide convenient and thoughtful travel services for domestic and foreign tourists.

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