In the name of "zero-negative group", the travel agency did not discuss the oil.

On the nine-ring line land tour, there is a “zero-negative group” grotesque “zero-negative group”. [May point network] means “zero-negative group fee”, which means that when a travel agency picks up a visitor team, the penny does not earn only the cost price, or even lower than ...

The "Negative Regiment" Monsters appear on the Nine-ring Line land tour

"zero negative group"

[May Point Network] means “zero-negative group fee”, which means that when a travel agency picks up a visitor team, the penny does not earn only the cost price, or even lower than the cost price. Then earn money by earning “kickbacks” and “head-to-head fees” by adding visitors to their own attractions and shopping spots.

The Provincial Tourism Bureau announced yesterday that the closure of the nine-ring east line for the past two years has reopened the land tourism team for a month. In the tourism market, individual travel agencies have seen the phenomenon of “zero-negative group fees”, which not only damages the tourism image of Sichuan. And seriously disrupt the market order and infringe on the rights and interests of consumers.

To this end, the Provincial Tourism Market Comprehensive Governance Office will launch a special rectification campaign aimed at cracking down on illegal operations such as “zero-negative group” from now on.

"Zero group" offer is half cheaper

"Before security reasons, the Jiuhuan East Line has not been open to the land tourism team. Visitors can only participate in the aircraft group in Jiuzhai." As an important tourist route with the largest passenger flow and the largest number of customers in our province, Mianyang on April 15 this year. After the municipal government issued an announcement to open the Jiuhuan East Line to the tourism team vehicles, many travel agencies have come up with the “Jiuzhaigou Shuangqi Four-Day Tour” product that has been pressed for two years. “The travel team of the major travel agencies in Rongcheng sent to Jiuzhaigou in previous years. 'Automobile group' accounts for 70%-80%."

Recently, the Provincial Tourism Bureau received reports that after the opening of land-based tourism, individual travel agencies received tourists at a price lower than the cost, and the external quotations ranged from 360 yuan, 400 yuan, and 450 yuan. “Compared with the price department’s accounting for Jiuhuan’s tourism transportation, tickets, accommodation, catering and other related factors, the cost price of the all-inclusive tourism team in Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong in our province is about 750 yuan, which is below zero in this price. The tour fee'." The Provincial Tourism Bureau made it clear.

Replenishing "scraping oil" from tourists

Yesterday, the reporter also visited some travel agencies in the “Jiuzhaigou Shuangqi Four-Day Tour” offer of four or five hundred yuan. It was learned that in addition to the payment of the tour fare, the tour included a ticket for the 180 yuan bonfire party. Optional. For this kind of compulsory consumption, the staff explained: "The tickets for the two scenic spots in Jiuzhaigou Huanglong and the cableway price add up to 560 yuan. If the guests do not participate in the bonfire party, the cost of the travel agency is not enough." "No travel society is doing a loss-making business. When the price is low enough, it will make a profit by shopping, at your own expense, or even changing the hotel and lowering the grade standard.” He Guanghou, president of the Provincial Tourism Association and the Travel Agency Branch, believes that the travel agency’s income is less, and the service to tourists is naturally discounted. This will cause the entire tourism market to fall into a vicious cycle of vicious circle, ultimately hurting the brand image of Sichuan tourism and the interests of consumers. “On the surface, it is a low-priced product, but eventually visitors may pay more for it.” He Guanghou said.

The province's net inspection from now on

"Please press the media to guide tourists to rational consumption, do not buy low-priced products, so as to avoid damage to their own interests." Faced with the undercurrent of the "zero-negative group" in the market, the relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Administration Law Enforcement Brigade said that the travel agency is lower than the cost. The price-traffic behavior violates the laws and regulations on tourism, industry and commerce, and prices. From now on, the Provincial Tourism Administration will jointly carry out special rectification actions with relevant administrative departments to eliminate the “zero-negative group” from the main links of the tourism chain. In addition, the Provincial Tourism Association and its travel agency branch will jointly conduct industry self-regulation price checks.

From now on, the Provincial Tourism Administration will jointly organize law enforcement officers and departments of industry and commerce in various cities and states to jointly conduct a network-by-one inspection of travel agents including Chengdu, Mianyang and Aba, and strictly investigate the “zero-negative group”. (Tianfu Morning Post)

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